Practice Areas

Corkadel & Schneider, LLC is a Denver law firm providing those facing legal difficulties with excellent representation and peace of mind. Corkadel & Schneider will uncompromisingly fight to defend the rights of those accused of a crime, those injured in accidents, or those that are facing life changes such as divorce or bankruptcy.  We provide you with extensive trial experience to bring you a trusted team of aggressive and competent legal counsel upon whom you can rely.
Our mission is to provide each and every client with the highest quality of representation and personalized service to achieve the best result regardless of the social or economic background of the individual.


Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime is traumatic and not something you should deal with alone.  The Constitution provides that you must be presumed innocent. While that presumption should be maintained, oftentimes it is disregarded by the district attorneys. Don’t be guilty until proved innocent. In our complicated legal system the police, District Attorneys, and the Judge are all looking to punish you. The attorneys at Corkadel & Schneider are in your corner to defend your rights as an individual.  Our attorneys handle domestic violence, misdemeanors, and felonies and will vigorously fight for you every time.



With the continued pressure from groups such as MADD, the laws are continuously becoming more severe in the punishment of DUI charges. To top this off, many jurisdictions are struggling with financial problems and the revenue from a successful DUI conviction is extremely profitable. Unfortunately, what this means for the average person is that the hammer could fall on you for a minor mistake. You will not get any breaks from the prosecutors or police.  You need an advocate on your side who will fight for both your constitutional rights as well as guiding you through the complex aftermath.


Personal Injury

Recovering from an injury is difficult under the best of conditions. Doing so when you are fighting with an insurance company only worsens the process. The insurance defense industry is designed to take advantage of the fact that you need money now. Claim adjusters will utilize this to force you to accept far less than you are owed. We can help. Our attorneys handle a wide variety of personal injury cases regardless of whether you were injured in an automobile, at the workplace, or simply walking. We will help you get through the process and recover the damages that you deserve.



We understand that even the most minor traffic charges have an impact on your motor vehicle record, your insurance rates, and most importantly have an impact on you.  Our attorneys will fight for your rights no matter how big or small to ensure that you get favorable results.



No one goes into a marriage wanting it to fail. However, sometimes relationships can fade and become irreconcilable. A divorce is often a difficult time for all the parties involved and one that should not be dealt with alone. Our attorneys will help guide you through the process and deal with the legal issues that arise from divorce so that you don’t have to. Don’t be taken advantage of, have Corkadel & Schneider there to protect you.



Times are difficult. While we all want to prosper, sometimes the best of plans fail to prove bountiful. Bankruptcy is not a five letter word. It is not something to be feared, either. The government established the concept of bankruptcy for one reason – to give people and businesses the chance for a clean slate. Is it time for you to have a clean slate? Give the attorneys at Corkadel & Schneider  a call to set up a consultation and find out.